Friday, 12 September 2014

Thrilling Guided Tours

There are few things as breathtaking and exhilarating as traveling with one of several outstanding guided tours on bicycle of
New Zealand.  New Zealand is comprised of two major islands, the North Island and the South Island.  Of the two, the South
Island offers a more rustic look at the countryside as it rushes beneath your feet on a bicycle.  This type of guided tour
is not for the casual cyclist. Hills and mountains are part of the landscape and, while you can walk these areas, it’s better if you’ve worked out on a
bicycle a little bit beforehand.

One of the nicest guided tours of the South Island of New Zealand begins when you land in Christchurch.  This large city is
the take off point for many who are going to Antarctica, so if you have time between flights, take a tour of the Antarctic
Centre, just a couple of blocks from the airport.  It’s a museum of sorts about exploration in Antarctica.

Most likely, guided tours of the South Island won’t actually start in Christchurch and you’ll be taking a propeller
plane (yes, a propeller plane) over the vast and enormous mountain range that runs down the middle of the island and you’ll
arrive at a spit of an airport in a village like Hokitika, where the bicycling really begins. 

Some may ask why there are guided tours of this part of New Zealand at all because there is really only one main road
traveling south along the shoreline of the rustic and wild Tasman Sea.  You can’t get lost.  Even so, the tour guides will
carry extra food and will probably have a bike trailer to pick up the bikes of stragglers that can’t finish the day’s ride.
The riders take off in the direction of the guide and move along at their own pace.

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